7 Qualities of a Brilliant Virtual Assistant

7 Qualities of a Brilliant Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is an exceedingly valuable asset for businesses, especially for small businesses where resources may be scarce. For small business owners, their time should be focused on being an entrepreneur and doing activities that will translate into business development and growth. Thus, a VA plays a significant role in affording valuable time for business owners.

VAs can manage non-essential tasks and non-core functions so that entrepreneurs can focus their efforts on core parts of their business. It should be noted that although a VA might not directly contribute to the core element of the business, they do indirectly help with its growth and development.

Here are some top qualities of a brilliant VA:

  1. Communication: VAs need to have demonstrative and effective communication skills. While the types of communication will vary across industries and depend on the size of the business, your VA should be able to communicate well on all levels. From brief meetings with you to integrity with stakeholders and friendly customer service, your VA needs to match the level of communication you and your business require.
  2. Organising tasks: VAs should have strong organisational skills. Often, VAs work for multiple businesses at a time, so they need to be able to organise their schedule, as well as yours. VAs should be pro-multi-taskers and generally use numerous tools to manage their tasks.
  3. Resourcefulness: Brilliant VAs have a way of making the impossible possible. They have a knack for building and maintaining relationships and constantly think of new and better ways to deliver results. Due to their experiences varying across industries and ways of working, VAs have a unique offering.
  4. Attention to detail: VAs should be attentive to the details you may miss on your busiest day or week. They should take their time, ensuring every detail is correct while delivering productive outcomes. They are there to assist with things that you might rush or cut corners on.
  5. Willingness to Learn: As a VA takes on multiple tasks from multiple clients, their eagerness to learn is essential. New systems and various business protocols will require training and learning. This requires constant development and interpersonal growth.
  6. Tech-Savviness: As mentioned previously, each business will function differently and use different tools and software, yet a brilliant VA may hold software experience that could be helpful for your business. By having multiple clients, a VA accesses a diverse set of training opportunities. Each time they onboard, they learn about the specific software that the business uses. As a result, VAs are incredibly tech-savvy.
  7. Proactiveness: Brilliant VAs over-deliver. Not only do they carry out the tasks required of them, but they search for ways of continuously adding value to your business. They are proactive in their skill offering and assist with increasing the productivity of your business or team.

In closing

A brilliant Virtual Assistant is someone who keeps things moving forward and has insight into your business that differs from that of permanent employees. They constantly seek to impress and deliver excellent results.

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