Business Intelligence and Connectivity Tools in 2022

Business Intelligence and Connectivity Tools

Connectivity for entrepreneurs, SMMEs and modern start-ups is no longer just about keeping up with technological trends. Business Intelligence and Connectivity Tools are essential. Many businesses are working with clients and employees in different cities, countries and even continents. Therefore, new ways of connecting have been a priority for many business owners.

We all know that technology is here to stay.  It will continue developing, and in turn, our lives will forever be changing and adapting with it along the way. Furthermore, with the worldwide change of living, due to COVID-19, many of us have had to change the way we work and run our businesses.

When small businesses use the variety of digital platforms and tools at their disposal, their operations run more smoothly. By prioritising and optimising teamwork and connectivity, businesses can experience real-time delivery. Furthermore, there will be flow of information, enabling business growth and competitive advantages. Business Intelligence (BI) is crucial for future business strategies.

Here are a few helpful tools for optimising Business INTELLIGENCE:

Project Management

Project management tools such as Trello and Asana help manage resources, assign tasks to various team members and keep project deadlines. They both assist in keeping a visual focus when it comes to managing multiple projects with different team members. With many businesses changing to a work-from-home option, a digital project management tool is vital.


For smooth communication, both internally and externally, Slack is one of the best tools. As a team, communication is crucial, and without a quick office chat, things can easily get lost. Slack can help you and your team easily share ideas and files, manage and facilitate communication according to projects or clients and allow your team to have the occasional chit chat.


Being online and virtual does present risks. Small businesses are prone to security incidents. Start-ups and small businesses concerned about their online security must implement virtual private network (VPN) services. VPN services assist in hiding online activity from hackers by limiting who can access network content.

In addition, VPN services hide online activity from hackers and limit the users who can access network content.

Website Performance Monitoring

Being able to analyse and convert business data into presentable formats is a continuing need that businesses have. With more online buying, website analytics will help you understand what is working well with your audience/customer and what needs to be changed. Moreover, Google Analytics is highly beneficial for website performance monitoring.

Social Media automation

The demand for good content and an active online presence is increasing for all businesses. Trying to keep up with these demands could shift your focus away from other valuable areas of your business. Having your social media automated would help alleviate some of this pressure. There are various tools for this such as Hootsuite, Later and most recently Meta Business Suite.

In Conclusion

With ongoing digital transformation efforts across various industries, finding the right connectivity tools for your business is essential. There are tons of tools out there that could assist in your business’s growth. Staying connected to your team members is just as important as connecting with your customers and clients. Both should be a priority to your business.

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