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Thanks to ‘you know what’, cough *Covid-19* cough, things are different and social distancing and mask wearing are the new normal. Like, ew, stay at least 3 feet away from me please. And even though virtual events/webinars or livestreaming isn’t a new concept, it’s definitely taken off in 2020.

Did you know that the world’s first livestream first happened in 1993 – it was of a coffee maker in mid drip – nail-biting stuff! But if your tech skills aren’t up to scratch and maybe you’d like to know more about virtual chats and such, don’t stress, we will give you some insight right now.

What is a Virtual Event?

If you have used platforms like Skype to call a family member who lives far away, then you are already familiar with the concept. A virtual event is any organised meet-up that takes place online and ranges from super casual social media livestreams, virtual catch-ups with friends or family, more formal Q&A sessions to large-scale business meetings or conferences with thousands of attendees. It’s easier than ever to now attend work meetings without wearing pants. From live-tweeting to YouTube livestreaming, businesses and organisations are staging virtual events across the web and here are some examples:

Tutorials and Classes

Simply put, think: Teaching online. Maybe you’re teaching English to a foreign student, maybe you have a great product and are hosting a tutorial on how to use it or maybe you’re a yoga instructor and are hosting classes, the web is your oyster.

Behind the Scenes Tours

Humans are naturally inquisitive and streaming platforms have bumped this up a few notches- maybe a little too much? Give your followers a peek behind-the-scenes of where you work or a day in the life of… This type of thing happens a lot on Instagram and Facebook stories or Live.

Interviews and Influencers

From the comfort of your own home you can host anything from a TED-style talk to a stand-up comedy show featuring YOU or an obliging influencer or artist. Interactive trivia games and contests are also a great way to keep things engaging.

Meetings and Conferences

Covid-19 has forced many employees to work from home. Thanks to virtual video call apps, its business as usual- just from a distance.

Once you have decided on the objectives of your virtual event, it’s time to choose the best suited app or platform. Some examples of popular online streaming options are:

Live Tweeting: A great way to start a discussion, asking a question or hosting an Ask Me Anything.

Social Stories: Already mentioned, these are fun for sharing videos and visuals of tutorials, interviews or your view while drinking a cappuccino. You can also add cute filters, conduct polls and host an influencer. Right on! These are used a lot on Instagram, Facebook stories and TikTok (not a time management app *wink*).

Webinars: a more serious or formal option when you want to host an online presentation. You can share your screen and allow attendees to comment or voice chat. This is ideal for work meetings or hosting educational courses. Apps that work well for this are Zoom, Livestorm and YouTube Livestream.

Conferences and Networking: for the extra formal virtual events, because sometimes we need to be fancy, look for platforms like 6connex, Run the World and Brella that offer suites of tools, including livestreaming and chatrooms.

As you can see, there really is a plethora of virtual event hosting platforms for every occasion and personality. Honestly, if all else fails, there’s the good old-fashioned phone call that still does the trick if you want to call your mom or make a doctor’s appointment.

If you are needing any assistance with hosting a virtual event, get in touch at and we’ll help you out.


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